Ecstatic Community, Ecstatic Communion

Our ecstatic community is gathering for this 4 day immersive festival program filled with shared wisdom and connected celebration. We’ll be using the elements of nature, ceremony, ritual, conscious sensuality, dance and meditation as tools to transform and empower our lives in a practical and lasting way. Experience first-hand what it’s like to be witnessed and involved in an open, like-minded, safe community full of love and support. Feel what it’s like to step into your power and be that support for others. We are all longing for real connections, let’s hold each other in such a way that we all can thrive. All emotions are welcome as we consciously invite full presence in all it’s forms as a gateway to healing and learning. Continue exploring for more details!

Day Time

Morning movement and meditation sessions will enliven body, mind and spirit. Then easefully flow into intentional, inspiring, and thought provoking workshops available throughout the day led by internationally recognized facilitators passionate about sharing their work and insights with you! Let it be the fuel for your inner FIRE, stimulating mindful expansion and transformation.


Celebratory evening events will be a time to rejoice for expanded connections and insights, filled with music, dance, rituals and entertainment, bringing our Ecstatic Community together in Ecstatic Communion. Allow the binding, grounding, healing power of the EARTH unite us in embodied bliss, creating positive and passionate memories together!

All The Time

Hawaii Tantra Festival

Share intimate moments with self and others, in the sunshine, under the tropical starlit sky, cuddled by a fire or soaking in the relaxing Lolia Place hot tub. Looking for more adventure or spaciousness, venture to the magical black sand nude beach or healing waters of the Ahalanui Warm Ponds, both a few miles from the event venue. Connect with the power of the AIR and WATERS!

Our passionate, experienced teachers and facilitators are excited to share their wisdom and ignite your inner source of knowing

Our Workshops will focus on
•  Tantric Arts
•  Conscious Sensuality
•  Communication
•   Personal & Spiritual Development
•   Embodied Movement
•   Touch

Take some time to get to know our facilitators.

Warmest of Days, Juiciest of Nights

We want to provide you with a truly nourishing experience, giving you time and space to connect with self, with nature and with tribe.


Exotic, Lush & Lively:
Lolia Place Eco-Village!

Located on the lush and lively Puna coast, we will be gathering in the beautiful, exquisitely conceived and designed Lolia Place Eco-Village. You and your community will break new ground on this sustainability-focused sensual permaculture retreat center. Come make Lolia Place your new home away from home.


Delicious, Nutritous
and made with Ecstatic Love!

Food during the Hawaii Tantra Festival will be provided by chef Jillian Love and her team who specialize in high vibe, high nutrition, tasty cuisine from many points of inspiration. To be full of energy for our festival we want you to have the best fuel possible, taking advantage of all the wonderful agriculture the island has to offer.


Beautiful, Simple
Peaceful Glamping!

Our secluded location offers the perfect support for this deep and transformational dive. Convenient, simple and affordable on site camping and shared accommodations are available this year. Plus there are plenty of vacation rentals in the area if you are looking for more luxurious accommodations.

Are YOU are ready to say YES to more love…
YES to more adventure…
Yes to being ALIVE…
YES to embodied passion…
YES to expression without guilt, fear or shame…
YES to living with consciousness and presence…
YES to changing your life forever…
YES to YOU!… Then just say YES and we will meet you there!

You don’t need any previous experience with tantra to participate in the Hawaii Tantra Festival and you don’t need to be in a particular kind of partnership. You only need an open mind and a willingness to face yourself and others honestly.