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Robert Silber Conscious Sensuality
The Institute for Conscious Sensuality was created with the inspiration to support those who have a desire to step into their personal power and learn the skills necessary to guide themselves, individuals or groups. After teaching workshops around the world for years, we are focused on in-depth trainings that will enable participants to make a living doing what they love. We are developing a residential, sustainable community focused on personal growth and transformation, sensual exploration, sexual healing & empowerment, as well as permaculture. It is our mandate to offer education and professional training to empower people as practitioners, facilitators and leaders within the new paradigm of conscious relating to ourselves, each other and the environment!

Conscious Sensuality Level 1 – Hawaii

What are the practices that bring greater awareness and pleasure into our lives and our relationships? How can sensuality and sexuality support all aspects of our lives and our development as human beings?

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