Workshop Descriptions

Workshop Descriptions

Create the unique experience and depth that you are looking for in your personal festival journey. In this year's program, you will find a mix of Experiential Workshops and Rituals where you can develop knowledge, skills, and values from direct experiences led by skillful facilitators as well as more Exploratory based workshops where you can discover relationships between existing knowledge and more unfamiliar content and concepts. On top of these exciting offerings, check out our Morning Movement and Meditation options to start your day in the best way!

Katrina Vaillancourt Hawaii Tantra Festival

Sacred Snuggle: Ethics and Practice of Poly-Playfulness

With Katrina Vaillancourt & Stephen Ghiglieri
TThis playshop is designed to set the stage for safe and playful exploration of all forms of intimate connection during your time at the festival.

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Conscious poly-relating is a high art form. Anyone who ventures in this world quickly discovers that it has unforeseen complexities and requires a deep level of personal maturity, excellent communication skills, and an unshakeable commitment to caring for every member in the web of lovers that naturally grows when the culture is supportive of liberated loving.

In two+ hours, through interactive discussion, connection exercises, puja, and self-directed snuggle play time (second-base container), you will learn the wisdom and best practices taught by experts in the field of conscious non-monogamy. If you are monogamous, you will learn how to skillfully navigate a poly-friendly environment and share in forms of intimacy that feel nurturing to you while honoring your personal choice for erotic exclusivity.
Learn questions you can engage others in to find your best mutually delicious form of connection, ways to discover and honor pre-existing relationships while enjoying new connections, how to shift from feeling rejected to feeling self-respect, self-love and self-care, and what four questions will save you from a world of heart-ache if you ask them BEFORE sharing in deep erotic exchange with someone new.

The skills you learn in this workshop will save you years of unnecessary heartache and fast-track your path to joyful and easeful poly-negotiations.

Following our social agreements and guided connections, there will be about 1 ½-2 hours for self-directed snuggle time. Sacred Snuggle is a sweet sensual event where we gather to flirt, touch, massage, run tantric energy, play, laugh, cry, and share intimacy, vulnerability or whatever else spontaneously arises. It's a drug and alcohol-free sensual celebration where we can relax and connect with like-minded people. Singles, married couples, celibates of any race, experience and sexual orientations are welcome. Most importantly, this is a laboratory to practice expressing what feels good and what doesn't, asking to get your needs met, setting boundaries, and perhaps even overcoming rejection! We will be introducing and discussing social agreements as we weave our sacred container together.

Please arrive on time. The doors will be closed once the "Sacred Circle" Begins. We will facilitate an invocation, ice-breakers and introductions. You will be asked to introduce yourself. You will also be asked to participate in several exercises. Note that you are always free to bow out and simply witness from a comfortable distance if that is what your spirit calls you to do. All participation is optional and confidential. Verbal permission is required before engaging in any touch. Everyone is given permission to say No at any time for any reason, and if they say yes they are entirely welcome to change their minds frequently. The hosts (AKA Snuggle Angels) are available to intervene or mediate if anyone feels unsafe in any way. Everyone is encouraged to take 100% responsibility for their own experience. Bottoms stay on, so we invite you to dress in your best - most sexy, comfy and creative brief and panties you can find! Sacred sensual energy exchange is celebrated, but there is no expectation that you have to participate and you can leave at any time... come check it out!

End Arguments Forever - Create ease, grace and flow in relating.

With Katrina Vaillancourt & Stephen Ghiglieri
End Arguments Forever - Create ease, grace and flow in relating.

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Imagine feeling heard, seen, acknowledged and understood.
Imagine confidently expressing your feelings and needs.

Please join us for 120 magical minutes of emotional growth and personal discovery, where you will gain amazing tools, and powerful skills to radically transform all your relationships!
All of our relationship skills are stimulated and tested by challenges when they arise. It is a great growth opportunity and can be deeply fulfilling, when we know what to do. These are the tools that we need to create ease and flow in relationships of all types as we navigate difficult situations, upsets or conflicts.

This is not a lecture style presentation, instead it will be an experiential ‘playshop’ using Love Smart Cards™ and a simple 7-step process for creating a win-win in conflict resolution. So bring a real life relationship challenge and use this workshop as a way to gain deeper insight, clarity, and direction through empathy for yourself and the other, and return to a place of gratitude and empowerment in your connection.
This event is for anyone who is looking to find, create, heal or energize any of their relationships!

Evalena Rose Hawaii Tantra Festival

Celebrating our Divine Passion

A Radiant Puja with Evalena Rose
Enjoy a playful and deeply fulfilling experience of sharing connection and joyous ritual with familiar and new partners, triads welcome.

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Gently guided heart-centered interactions allow connections sacred enough to safely share ecstasy, energetically orgasmic exchanges, and appreciation of diversity in erotic signatures. Nurturing and often energizing, these exchanges allow you to receive the blessings of deep presence and of having a sacred container in which to practice intimate erotic and romantic arts within a sacred container. We'll share undulatory breath practices and soul gazing, sacred touch of your choice, possibly erotic dance or movement, chakra merging breaths, and other erotic practices. The exercises can be sensual, intimate and deeply moving though not sexual, and are designed to see the divine in each other. The shared pleasures heal and people get a lot of intimacy needs met through these Pujas.

Tantric Touch Ritual

Facilitated by Robert Silber
Explore the elements of a Tantric Touch Ritual, receiving a framework for a conscious loving experience that can be integrated with a friend or a lover.

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Explore the elements of a Tantric Touch Ritual. Use meditation, self-connection, setting intentions and boundaries, speaking desires and ground the whole experience in the frame of unconditional love without agendas. Learn techniques to expand the range of sensation and emotion. Access deep levels of relaxation that welcome erotic energy, arousal and pleasure within the safety that we create for ourselves.

We all long for love, safety, pleasure and meaningful experiences yet so often we hold back out of fear. This experiential ritual will give you a framework to have conscious loving experiences that you can integrate with a friend or a lover. We will explore archetypal movements, different forms of touch and how to increase our capacity for Conscious Sensuality.

Clothing optional environment, please bring a sarong, massage oil and a clean body.

AWESOME BOUNDARIES: for Empowerment, Safety, and Really Good Sex!

Facilitated by Gabriella Cordova
This fun, informative and interactive class is required for SexPositive World members to be able to attend touch events.

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Okay, let's admit it, at one time or another we've all said yes when we wanted to say no, no when we wanted to say yes, and maybe when we really didn't mean it. Also, at one time or another we've pushed someone's boundaries, invaded their personal space, went in for the hug without waiting, or accepted a lukewarm yes when we knew they didn't mean it. Right?!?
I know I have. How did it leave me feeling? Angry at myself and the other, guilt ridden, pissed off, remorseful.
Why did I do it? Because neither culture nor family of origin taught me any better. As a matter of fact, they taught be how to go against my own boundaries, (if they taught me about boundaries at all!) to push for what I wanted (a "real man" would go for it, wouldn't they?), how to be nice and not make waves (a "good girl" would not raise her voice or cause a scene). Also, I would have been taught that if a man really wanted someone he would pursue them past their objections, and if the woman didn't feign disinterest she was likely a slut.
It’s time for a change: the sexual revolution 4.0 is here! And we are armed with the tools we need, to do it right this time.

In this session you will learn and practice the following:
How to make an inventory of your yeses, your nos, and your maybes (things you kind of want to do, but only with the right person under the right circumstances
Where your line in the sand it, and where you want to test your own boundaries (maybe you don't know how you feel about something until it happens.) Learn how to explore safely using safe words, changing your yes to a no, and giving and getting feedback
How to say no, gently and caringly yet with authority and finality. Also, tone of voice and screaming when your no is not being respected
How to deal with someone who doesn't respect your boundaries (dealing with it as it happens, reporting it, and finding support after the fact
How to get proper consent to protect against claims of violation later (examples: get it in writing, voice recording, witnesses). Although false accusations are extremely rare, misunderstandings and faulty memories are not Physical maneuvers to evade the unwanted hug, a stray hand in a snuggle, or the person who has you cornered
What to do it you freeze (fight, flight, or freeze response) and how to recognize that someone you are interacting with has frozen (usually caused by past trauma.)
This is a practical hands-on class where we will discuss actual and theoretical situations, and give useful information for how to deal with them. We are very specifically not going to be trying to place blame, as we strongly believe that this is a larger cultural and systemic problem, and like all problems, it can best be handled compassionately, elegantly, and with a view to problem solving and best practices.
SexPositive World believes that people of every gender are longing for more love, connection, touch, and pleasure in their lives. We know that sex-negativity has systematically robbed people of safe and healthy ways to get these needs met, and we know that there is much work to be done to reclaim sexuality as something natural, healthy, and beautiful. Helping people feel safe and empowered is key, and good boundaries are vital.

Gabriella Cordova has been leading workshops and classes for more than a decade and has heard from hundreds of people about problems they have with stating and upholding their boundaries, having their boundaries respected, as well respecting other's boundaries. She has worked with individuals suffering from, guilt, shame, fear, anxiety, and depression because of violations by others or because of having violated other's boundaries. Together with a team of therapists and sex-educators Gabriella has developed a class whose aim is to empower, teach strategy, find solutions, and make possible more love in the world.

Kelly Bryson Hawaii Tantra Festival

Truth, Trust, Touch and Transparency.

Facilitated by Kelly Bryson
Join the LovEvolution for a New Earth as we speak truth about sex money and power.

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Imagine community without coercion based on Trust.

Imagine love without possession based on Freedom.

Imagine communication without violence based on vulnerability

Image everyone Evoloving each other.

(Based on a New Word: Evolove -that is love forwards and backwards. It is a transpersonal

love that we can express to each other that helps evolve one another.)

Love Free of fear. Because "It takes a village to raise a consciousness, or a relationship" we will dive deep into "What does it take to create a Transparent, Trusting, Touching. Tantric. Tolerant Tribe." We will be creating a "Field" of "We’ness" or connection thru experiencing Kelly's different "Tribal Technologies" like "Humanizing Hugs", the "Aloha Kiss", , "Empower Shower", "Dance I am"etc. And then from that Connection flows the Direction of the group.

We will use the SD/Zegg Forum as needed to explore the great community issues like the wounded relationship between the masculine and feminine, mankind and nature, and the breakdown of deep community. We can also explore the great individual issues like Jealousy, (jealousy is a part of love in the same way asthma is a part of breathing) neediness, expectation, infidelity and the lust for fully lived lives. We will learn tools for bringing out the "Shadow" of the individuals and the group with compassion and humor.

"The next Buddha will be a community" says Thich Nhat Han. And “community is a state of consciousness”, says Sabine Lichtenfels co-founder of the Tamera Community in Portugal. We will experience how to enter this state and learn principals and tools for deepening this state. Because we are Social Spiritual beings we can only evolve thru truthful intimate encounters in service to a Sacred Matrix of Life. We will go spiritually spelunking into the four great love caverns of consciousness - The self, erotic, spiritual, and community loves.

We will be drawing from "Terra Nova, Global Revolution and The Healing of Love" the new book by Dietre Duhm cofounder of the Tamera Community. (see & ) We will also draw on Kelly's 30 years of experience as a certified NVC trainer, his personal work w/Abraham Hicks, Eckhart Tolle, Virginia Satir and Marshall Rosenberg, Sabine Lichtenfels and his own Higher Elf.

"We need community in which the latent war between the genders has ended, in which free sexuality is based on truth and trust, and in which our fellow beings are respected as cooperation partners within a sacred alliance. We need intimate cooperation with nature and the universe because healing is the reconnection with the original power field of the divine world. This applies to the individual organism, to the organism of a community, and to the organism of all humankind." By Dietre Duhm in the book "Terra Nova"

"Communities are developing now that collectively understand how fear does not need to be a part of life, how jealousy does not need to be a part of love and how duty, obligation and sacrifice is not a part of right livelihood, punishment and praise no longer a part of parenting, and the love of power will be replace by the power of Love. One day it will be part of the collective and the cultural norm to be conscious of our individual needs. Only then can we have true grass roots democracy. We can only be self determined if we have self awareness of our needs in the context of a community that supports individual autonomy.

Heinze Kohut the existential psychologist said, “What human beings most need is the mirroring presence of others."

Why? So we can know and accept our needs, feelings, essential selves, personalities, hearts, spirituality, sexuality and souls. From this supportive, conscious and empowered community container, individuals can be fully expressed. I believe so many great organizations and communities do not have all the tools, or Tribal Technologies as I call them, to facilitate the development of what Martin Luther King Jr. called “The Beloved Community” .

  • Imagine your "Longing" for "Belonging" fully satisfied!
  • Imagine your "Sense of Separation" replace by "Unitive Awareness"!
  • magine finding the missing link to the redeeming joy of your own fully lived life!
  • Imagine a global community of people who aspired, conspired and perspired to create a shared mental, spiritual, sensual paradise.
  • Scott Catamas and Emily Orum Hawaii Tantra Festival

    White Tantra Puja

    Facilitated by Scott Catamas and Emily Orum

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    Imagine community without coercion based on Trust. We are starting our time at the HTF with a series of connection experiences. First off, sacred sound healing to raise the vibration. Then, Kirtan with Call & Response to open our bodies (especially our hearts and throats). We will then drop into a deep meditation to reflect on our personal goals for our time together at the HTF. Diving deeper, we connect to the land and Mother Nature. We connect to our own Divinity. We fill ourselves with Divine Inspiration.
    NOW, we are ready to connect to others.  We do so in a very sweet, safe White Tantra Puja.  We share our soul essence with others, and see the Divinity in all.  This is a very loving and safe way to start meeting new friends!
    This event is being led by Scott Catamas and Emily Orum, co-founders of the Love Coach Academy.  They have led similar experiences all over the world, from Australia to Canada.  Scott and Emily are masterful at creating a safe container of love, that helps people to remember their own Divinity.  


    Facilitated by Leapin’ Lygress
    Deliciously tease the booty...

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    In this playful workshop you will learn how to co-create consent culture, communicate clearly, read body language, and use safe words to create a secure and sensual container. You will also learn how to somatically feel your yes or no, practice asking others, and changing your mind, all the while using your voice and empowering others to do the same! Then we’ll learn to warm up and deliciously tease the booty, some specific styles of swatting, spanking positions, the difference between thud and sting, and how to find out where your playmate’s sweet spot is. This is a very hands-on and interactive class, in which purrrticipants are encouraged to try out both spanker and spankee roles.

    I love helping people inhabit edgy places with greater ease and joy!

    The 5 Types of Orgasm

    with Kenneth Ray Stubbs, Ph.D.
    Sexual orgasms. Energetic orgasms. Mystical orgasms. Western sexology focuses on one type of orgasm primarily. Western tantra focuses a lot on another type of orgasm primarily.

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    Orgasm is a Big thing!

    I will present my conceptualization of 5 different types of orgasm and give my definition of orgasm.

    When we look at this spectrum of orgasm, we come to see that sexuality, spirituality, and everyday living are all interconnected.

    Breathe, Touch and Flow

    With Giten Tonkov
    Based in exploration of BioDynamic Breathwork in combination with conscious movement and Contact dance.

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    This event is geared to support participants to get in touch with their breath as a base for exploring movement and touch.
    All true connection starts with connection to yourself first. Our breath is the fastest tool to support the emergence of this connection to self.
    In this event participants will be guided to explore what it means to move from the core. Initiating all movement deep inside the body and allowing to flow from the inside out.
    This exploration supports deeper connection to the physical body paving way for deeper and more meaningful connection with the other.
    We will explore what it means to keep connected to your breath and touch while being in movement and physical contact with another human being without loosing connection with yourself in the process. Allowing movement to arise spontaneously we begin to surrender to the inner energetic flow, which is the foundation of Tantric Connection.

    Monique Darling and Peter Peterson Hawaii Tantra Festival

    Foundations of Chakras

    With Monique Darling & Peter Petersen
    Do you want a more intimate blueprint of your energy meridians?

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    Let’s go on an experiential and deeply Tantric journey of our chakras, drawing from ancient Tantric texts, and using contemporary integration. This will be a playful and deep session finding how our chakras can be opened and put to use for every aspect of our lives.

    From the innate sounds, elements, colors, tricksters, and rights, we will take you on a journey deep inside to give you more tools to love each breath on your own terms.

    Monique Darling at Hawaii Tantra Festival

    Tantra Puja: the Art of Adoration

    With Kai Karrel & Monique Darling
    We will offer fire, incense, roses, water, chocolate and more in adoration and worship of our divine nature.

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    Tantra Puja is a sacred ancient ritual that has been practiced for thousands of years. It is a beautiful ceremony of honoring and adoring the Divine that dwells within each of us, and brings us into a profound space of connection and universal Love.

    This evening’s Puja is dedicated to all genders. In fact, participants will not know whether they will be in the giving or receiving role until they arrive. Men may end up in the giving role or the receiving role, and the same for the women. Though the presentation starts off with an introduction to some of the esoteric practices of Tantra to give us a context for the Puja, we will soon switch gears and actually engage in this heartening practice. We will use movement, sound and the five elements, all given to us with ample instruction, enriching each experience throughout the ceremony. You may find yourself turning inwards and becoming aware of abundant love and innate beauty that is part of your being.

    In a Tantra Puja, participants in the giving role have the opportunity to express their unconditional love and adoration towards women and men alike. This ceremony opens people's hearts in a way that allows them to see the inner beauty and the Divine within us all. The participants in the giving role will be instructed in performing an ancient ritual, which is simple in form yet very powerful in practice. As the participants in the receiving role accept the offerings and adoration, they in turn connect with unconditional love and reflect that adoration back to the givers with their presence. Taking part in these Pujas is a very powerful way to reconnect and relate with the feminine and masculine. It is through the practice of unconditional loving that we find that any emptiness or longing we feel within us can be filled with a simple act of giving.

    This ancient ritual is thousands of years old. It was brought to life by Tantrikas who implemented the religious and spiritual practices of Yogis and sages into the Art of Adoration, the practice of breathing life and awareness through the five elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Ether) in offering to the divine within every living being. We will offer fire, incense, roses, water, chocolate and more in adoration and worship of our divine Goddesses.

    Women, Devis, though not required, you are welcome to dress for the evening – perhaps adorn yourself with jewelry you feel most happy in, or wear the scarf you love that you can’t wear to work. It is your evening; indulge yourself as you wish, but please be comfortable.

    Men, Shiva, though not required, you are welcome to dress for the evening too. Think of the times the goddesses in your lives had asked you to dress a certain way for their pleasure – well, this may be an opportunity to do just that, but please be comfortable. You may bring flowers, chocolates, or other divinely treats as your offering.

    Monique Darling at Hawaii Tantra Festival
    Brad Leaf Amberheart at Hawaii Tantra Festival

    SEX as PRAYER: a Ritual of Ecstatic Embodiment

    with Brad Amberheart and Monique Darling
    When our heart’s greatest passion meets with our body’s most heart-felt expression, our world will be forever changed…in a good way!

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    Join Brad Amberheart and Monique Darling for an ecstatic communion of music-making, love-making, and vision-weaving.

    Sex as Prayer is an embodied ritual which takes place in a circle, representing the wholeness of who we are and why we’re here. Come by yourself, or come with your lover or lovers. You are safe here.

    We’ll be entering into a safe space where we can release old blocks and open to a new level of freedom, clarity, and purpose. In Tantra, we recognize that our outer world mirrors our inner world, so we come together NOW to bring ourselves into balance and to see how our celebration of ecstatic pleasure—even amidst a grieving planet—has the power and potency to transform life from the inside-out.

    Brad and Monique will be guiding us in the use of song, rhythm, movement, love-making, and all forms of pleasure as tools for blessing ourselves, each other, and our world. This ceremony will be set up as a circle with a center. There is place for all of us in this circle. The outer ring of the circle will be for those who wish to sing, dance, drum, laugh, cry, pleasure ourselves, or share pleasure with a lover or partner. (Bring a musical instrument!) The center of the circle will be a place for group erotic pleasure and healing in the name of ourselves, our loved ones, and this world. Facilitators and designated assistants will be available between the outer circle and the center to be of support to those who need it.

    *You may choose to come here to deepen your relationship to your own body using self-pleasure.

    *You may choose to come here to sit in meditation, move, sing, drum, dance, play a musical instrument as accompaniment for others' love-making, or even to release your sadness or grief as food for the Earth.

    *You may choose to come here with a favorite partner or lover (or two!) and generate pleasure together.

    *You may choose to come to the center of the circle to collectively generate sensual-erotic pleasure with others.

    As you prepare for this powerful experience of healing and renewal, here are some questions to ask yourself:

    What are you ready to create in your life?

    What are you inviting into your life?

    What are you letting go-of, in order to make room for something new?

    What aspects of your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being are ready for an infusion of life-giving pleasure?

    When you're over-flowing with pleasure, to WHOM or to what place in the world would you like to send this extra dose of vitality and love?

    Please go to to read more.

    Katrina Vaillancourt Hawaii Tantra Festival

    End Arguments Forever - Create ease, grace and flow in relating.

    With Katrina Vaillancourt
    End Arguments Forever - Create ease, grace and flow in relating.

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    Imagine feeling heard, seen, acknowledged and understood.
    Imagine confidently expressing your feelings and needs.

    Please join us for 120 magical minutes of emotional growth and personal discovery, where you will gain amazing tools, and powerful skills to radically transform all your relationships!
    All of our relationship skills are stimulated and tested by challenges when they arise. It is a great growth opportunity and can be deeply fulfilling, when we know what to do. These are the tools that we need to create ease and flow in relationships of all types as we navigate difficult situations, upsets or conflicts.

    This is not a lecture style presentation, instead it will be an experiential ‘playshop’ using Love Smart Cards™ and a simple 7-step process for creating a win-win in conflict resolution. So bring a real life relationship challenge and use this workshop as a way to gain deeper insight, clarity, and direction through empathy for yourself and the other, and return to a place of gratitude and empowerment in your connection.
    This event is for anyone who is looking to find, create, heal or energize any of their relationships!

    Your True Self

    With Kai Karrel
    Fall in love with yourself – see the magnificence of your true self.

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    Tantra leads towards an inner journey, the journey of falling in love with yourself. Finding a place of full acceptance of all there is. This workshop utilizes Tantric and shamanic techniques to explore two expressions of this truth. The first, how magnificent and miraculous you are; and the second – what’s in your way for seeing yourself in that light. We’ll practice together and use each other as a mirror to witness and reflect, to receive and to empower. We’ll explore what freedom truly means, how to set boundaries that truly empower and how to explore what tantric touch is truly all about. Throughout the workshop we’ll use sound, prayer, dance, movement, touch and meditation to lead us into a meditative journey of intimacy and inner knowing.

    Monique Darling at Hawaii Tantra Festival

    From Strangers to Lovers

    With Kai Karrel & Monique Darling
    17 Tantric practices which lead us into a natural state of connection.

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    Tantra is perhaps one of the few paths of spiritual practice that isn't shy of exploring physical touch and connection, and yet, does so in such deep reverence and appreciation to the divine within us all.

    Come join us for a workshop of deep exploration into connecting and sensual gratitude. We will practice exercises from a set of 17 Tantric practices which lead us into a natural state of connection. These exercises were designed in a way which leads the practitioner into dropping deeper within their own experience and teach us how to have the aid of a partner in the process of self exploration. At its core, Tantra is concerned with one thing helping you fall in love with yourself.

    No previous experience or knowledge is required to attend. Only an open heart and an inquisitive mind that is willing to ask questions, challenge assumptions and explore in a group setting.

    Scott Catamas and Emily Orum Hawaii Tantra Festival

    Managing Triggers and Emotional Pain in Relationship

    With Scott Catamas & Emily Orum
    In this dynamic playshop you will learn tools and practices on how to manage your vulnerable human parts.

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    Relationships are the hardest when people become triggered. How do we turn our triggers into treasures and grow closer through conflict and pain? You will walk away equipped with practical tools on how to quickly shift from lizard brain to compassionate frontal lobe consciousness and be in your empathic loving heart.

    Some things you will learn:

    • How to quickly shift from reptile brain into your centered wise self.
    • Get to know what’s really going on under judgement and pain
    • Find the treasure in your triggers
    • Grow closer into intimacy through differences, pain, and challenging behavior
    • Learn tools to love your humanity instead of shame it.

    Sub Personality Playshop & Playparty

    With Scott Catamas & Emily Orum
    Come identify, explore, and harmonize all aspects of yourself for greater connection, intimacy, and play!

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    Who are the many sub personalities that live inside you?
    What are each of their unique longings and desires and how do they interact together and with others?

    · Identify the many sub-personalities within you

    · Explore their strengths and weaknesses

    · Receive encouragement and support to give voice to your sexy shadow self

    · Have FUN interacting with the POLY family within you!

    · Integrate and harmonize ALL ASPECTS of self for greater love and play!

    You are a unique being one of kind that radiates a plethora of different facets and personalities. None of these aspects are good or bad, right or wrong. They are all apart of you wanting attention, care, and to be integrated into the WHOLE being that you are!
    When we get in touch with these different sub personalities we create greater harmony, depth, and play within ourselves and our relationships.

    It's like being in a polyamorous relationship with yourself and having the opportunity to share it with your mate(s).

    Examples of sub personalities that may live inside you!

    Your inner child
    Your Dominant Superhero
    Your opposite Gender Lover
    Your 16 year old horny teenager
    Your shy virgin
    Your nurturing mother

    Mojo Tantra Dance

    With Miranda Rudegeair
    MOJO TANTRA DANCING is a luscious fusion of free-movement, conscious relating, Slow Jam and how you wish the school social had really been.

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    MOJO TANTRA DANCING is a luscious fusion of free-movement, conscious relating, Slow Jam and how you wish the school social had really been.

    Please note:
    * You never have to dance or make physical contact with anybody unless you choose to.

    * You are fully supported to choose your own level of involvement at all times. Simple tools and guidance are given to help you honour your sovereignty and communicate your personal boundaries easily.

    * You don't need a partner (but you're most welcome to bring one if you wish). Mojo Dancing is equally suitable and welcoming to single peeps and those in relationship.

    * People of all sexualities and gender identifications are welcome. There are no gender divisions or heteronormative practices.

    * No prior dance or other experience is required.

    * There is no nudity or sexual activity at this event.

    Come as you are. Bring your authentic, uniquely awesome self, and dance in love.

    MOJO TANTRA DANCING is your invitation to dance with heart, humour, curiosity and to revel in the delicious medicine of human connection.

    E.Sensual Massage ™ Principles & Practice

    Facilitated by Chris Luth
    E.Sensual Massage is an "energy based", Tantric sensual massage system, that is designed to be experienced as an.... "Altered States-Sensual & Erotic Journey"!

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    This hands-on workshop is an opportunity to give and receive some powerful Loving touch with other festival participants and is an experiential introduction to some of the principles & pleasurable techniques of this potent, "energy infused" sensual massage system.

    The ESM system is unique not just for its unusual & powerful "energy based" techniques....but also in that it is a "complete system" of sensual massage!

    E.Sensual Massage is a highly developed Tantric sensual massage system that has 3 levels, each one taught in a weekend training format. The techniques and their effects range from the most sweetly the deeply erotic.

    More detailed info on "E. Sensual Massage" can be found here:

    Chi Gong & Tai Chi

    With Chris Luth

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    Chris is a Tantra, Sensuality & Sex Educator and Internationally recognized Tai Chi & Chi Gong Master (2 time U.S. National Champion & member of the U.S.A. Martial Arts Hall Of Fame) with nearly 45 years experience in these fields who has taught thousands of people through his school & his workshops & retreats offered throughout Europe, Asia, Australia and North & Central America.

    The Five Tantalizing Tantric Touches

    With Paul Sterling
    Let your presence, consciousness, and attention serve your lover’s ecstasy through your fingers

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    “Let the world touch you and you can touch the world…
    Let the world change you and you can change the world.”

    Motorcycle Diaries How to share love, intimacy, and affection with touch… how to put your presence, consciousness, and intention into your fingers so you can exquisitely tantalize your lover, bringing them intense pleasure and even ecstasy.

    These 5 tantric touches: earth, water, fire, air, and ether are easy to learn and can take a lifetime to master. This is a hands-on training, come practice touching and being touched sharing your heart through your hands...

    Oh yes, clear boundaries are set to meet your comfort zone.

    Hawaii Tantra Festival

    The Art and Practice of Nurturance (for men)

    With Philippe Lewis
    Brothers, let’s grow our capacity to be attuned, available, responsive, and engaged with self and others!

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    Too often men are told in our culture that independence is key and needs are a weakness. But the truth is that needs are normal. Far from being signs of weakness, they are precisely how human beings bond and are meant to.

    For many men, the first step is to recognize that needs exist to be met without shame to those who have them. And this applies to their own needs which they have sublimated because of patriarchy and sexism.

    This work requires that they develop the skill of nurturance -- being attuned, available, responsive, and engaged. The absence of this skill enables the disconnection that allows and supports oppression, objectification, rape culture.

    In this class the men will learn the baby steps to recognize their needs and other people's needs and begin to grow their emotional capacity, intelligence, and maturity through gentle practices such as holding, feeling, attuning, responding, connection, support, compassion, and love.

    The Language of Touch

    With Philippe Lewis
    Tune in to the subtle conversation that our bodies are always having with the world around us!

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    Remember the last time you touched someone who needed healing, and your hands seemingly "knew" where to go and what to do? Or perhaps it was that hug you gave to someone you were attracted to, and instead of completely releasing, your hands remained connected while you talked and stared into each other's eyes. And in those moments you felt -- perhaps fleetingly - that your voice wasn't the only part of you in conversation with this other being. That your heart and soul were communicating as well, through contact...This is what we call the language of touch.

    The language of touch is quite different than body language -- or perhaps it is a subset of it. What most people mean by body language is postures and other visual signs that the body gives to other beings. The language of touch, on the other hand, happens only in the realm of touch and contact with others. It is the subtle conversation that the body has with the world around it. What "words" does your body understand and communicate? Are you aware of what is being communicated when your body is in contact with its surroundings, and especially living beings? What would it mean to be more conscious and skilled in speaking this language?

    This is what "The Language of Touch" is about.

    This class will focus on touch as a language that can be learned and understood. In a society that focuses so much on verbal language, people are often confused by or even sometimes completely unaware of the subtle conversation that their bodies are constantly having with the environment around them -- and more specifically, with the people they connect with on the rare occasions that touch occurs.

    This class will first focus on our awareness of touch, and then move to exploring the subtle messages carried through touch between people, and eventually move to creating specific intentions and messages with touch. Finally we will have conversations on topics such as relationships, intimacy, sensuality and sexuality, as touch is deeply involved in each of those areas, either as a communication tool or a source of fulfillment.

    Who should come:

    This is a class for anyone open to exploring touch as way to communicate with other. Please come prepared to experience giving and receiving safe loving touch. This is not a sensuality or sexuality class, though those topics will definitely be discussed. If you are a couple, you will be allowed to do all the exercises together if you wish and feel safer that way!

    Kama Dance Yoga

    With Marika Ripke
    Connect with pleasure in our bodies!

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    Kama means pleasure, connection, and love in Sanskrit. Marika’s vision is to cultivate love and connection (with ourselves, others, and our natural environment of which we are part) through movement, meditation, and breathwork. Combining dance and yoga (asana, meditation, pranyama), Marika's classes inspire connecting with and discovering pleasure in our bodies and our environments.

    Sound Healing Meditations

    With Skylove Solei
    Relax, recalibrate, and integrate with sound!

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    Skylove will be providing us throughout the event with entrancing sound meditations to help relax, recalibrate and integrate your festival experience. You will be bathed with full spectrum of sound, from deeply resonant didgeridoo and clearing gong to activating crystal bowls and purifying mantras. You will feel the difference with instruments tuned in a natural Earth tuning of 432Hz!

    Kundalini Tantric Gong Bath

    With Jade Rajbir Kaur & Aeo Wildflower
    Come Bliss Out to Kundalini Yoga, Transformative Meditations, & A Symphony of Sound Healing with Tantric Deep Gong Bath.

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    As we breathe deep & tune in together, prepare to lift off into a Sacred Journey, activating the Kundalini Lifeforce & returning to Alignment with our True Infinite Identity.
    ~ We will also experience Venus Kriyas designed to heal trauma, clear relationship karma, and remove fear ~
    Then relax deeply as you are washed with the Original Sound Current of the Universe ~
    w/ a Double Deep Gong Bath, played Tantric Style (with two Gongs, embodying the Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine weaving harmoniously).

    We look forward to loving you up! ~ 

    Osho Dynamic Meditation

    With Shola Angela Ricco

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    This meditation is a fast, intense and thorough way to break old, ingrained patterns in the bodymind that keep one imprisoned in the past, and to experience the freedom, the witnessing, silence and peace that are hidden behind these prison walls.

    The meditation is meant to be done in the early morning, when as Osho explains it, “the whole of nature becomes alive, the night has gone, the sun is coming up and everything becomes conscious and alert.”

    The meditation lasts one hour and has five stages. Keep your eyes closed throughout, using a blindfold if necessary.

    If your meditation space prevents you from making noise, you can use silent alternative.

    This is a meditation in which you have to be continuously alert, conscious, aware, whatsoever you do. Remain a witness.

    ZEGG Forum as a Tool for Community Connection: Introduction to Forum.

    With Sarah Taub
    Transcend community conflict, drop your stories of who you think you are, and embrace personal and collective transformation.

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    This edgy event is an exploration of the power of group synergy. We will be using one of the most potent tribal technologies in the field of personal growth, ZEGG Forum, along with other skill building practices, to bond with each other and reveal whatever needs to be addressed.  ZEGG Forum is a compassionate and transformative space for revealing whatever is hidden but influencing the common “field.” Forum can bring out issues of sex, power, money, competition, love, or any other aspect of consciousness – individuals’ process and perspectives come forth and are held in compassion as part of the shared story of being human.

    Our intention is to empower you with a hands-on experience of the transparency, vulnerability, and intimate potential of ZEGG Forum, so that you may see aspects of yourself that have been hidden. You'll also learn to hold space for others to see their own blind spots, and learn the secret ingredients to building secure community bonds that allow individuals to emerge and shine.

    Come to this event if you:

    • Are tired of how personality conflicts can destroy groups, and want to turn them into growth opportunities.
    • Want to provide a space to develop empathy and compassion.
    • Want to create a space where all sides of a conflict are witnessed with compassion and curiosity, leading to clarity about peaceful resolution.
    • Want methods for supporting your group to share visions, common goals and values.
    • Are practicing leadership at the organizational or professional level and want to make it more personal.
    • Are a part of a spiritual community, personal growth group or interested in social change on a local or global scale.
    • Are interested in sustainable community living.

    ZEGG Forum – Theme: Sex, Consent, and Power

    With Sarah Taub
    We open a safe space of empathy and compassion where we may witness all voices.

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    Lately we have seen an outpouring of stories of sexual abuse and harassment through the #metoo movement. In this theme Forum, we open a space for those who wish to share on this topic to be witnessed in love and compassion - from those just finding their voices to those who are ready to release their attachments and stories and explore their deeper nature. All voices are welcome.

    One of the gifts of ZEGG Forum is that it allows us a space to appreciate every perspective without taking it on as “truth.” Every voice has its own poignancy, its own wisdom, its own truth, that does not negate the wisdom and truth of other perspectives. Allowing all voices to surface and be known can lead to a profound and unexpected integration within a community. We tend to think that events leading to painful experiences and conflicts are bad, because they feel bad in the moment. However, when we open ourselves and compassionately witness what is happening for everyone, these experiences can be gateways to greater closeness, understanding, and love. When conflict emerges, whether or not we are in a formal Forum space, we can choose to listen in this way. This deep listening sustains and nurtures community life and relationships.

    Taber Shadburne at Hawaii Tantra Festival

    R/Evolutionary R/Elating & Conscious Co-Creating

    Facilitated by Taber Shadburne
    Explore the the intentional design & conscious co-creation of transformational intimacy, soulful sex, & "R/evolutionary" relationships.

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    Check out Taber's Blueprint for R/evolutionary R/elating: The 7 Essential Elements of a Truly Transformational Intimacy (& the crucial tool needed to build it, from the ground up), and help you use it to reflect and share with each other about what you truly want in your relating, and how you can co-create it.

    Tantric Conversation: The Yoga of Telling The Truth

    Facilitated by Taber Shadburne
    Learn how intimate conversation can be used as an interpersonal, interactive, out loud, tantric meditation.

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    Did you know that intimate conversation can be used as an
    interpersonal, interactive, out loud, tantric meditation? You can use it bring the transformational power of presence & passion together... in deep dialog... This kind of conscious conversation can be used to deepen connection, to heal old wounds, to skillfully navigate "Co-creative Conflict" in such a way that leaves feeling closer than ever before... Come learn about, and actually practice, this unusually powerful and little known passionate spiritual yoga.

    Peter Peterson at Hawaii Tantra Festival

    Morning Qigong

    Facilitated by Peter Petersen
    A gentle practice suitable for students of all experience levels that fosters an immense sense of calm that washes over the mind and body.

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    Qi means "breath" or "air" and is considered ""life-force energy."" Experience the vital-life-force energy that penetrates and permeates everything in the universe, connecting you with your higher self. Start your day in a deep, relaxing, meditative, empowered state. Experience firsthand the immense sense of calm that washes over the mind and body through this gentle practice, suitable for students of all experience levels.

    Peter has been teaching Sheng Zhen Wuji Yuan Gone (Qigong) for the last 14 years and has been a certified teacher for the last 12 years. Become grounded in the “now” and increase your present moment awareness. This practice can be used to find solutions to problematic habits such as: eating, moving, negative thinking, and unrestful sleeping. Become your own health advocate and regain a sense of stability, peace, and well-being into your everyday life.